NT Gov­ern­ment

We grate­ful­ly acknowl­edge the sup­port of the NT Depart­ment of Sport and Recre­ation and the Peak Sport­ing Body Invest­ment Program. 

Thanks to the 2020 NTG Com­mu­ni­ty Ben­e­fit Fund for a major grant to build stor­age units for our court mats that also mul­ti-pur­pose as seat­ing around the courts.

We enjoy the active par­tic­i­pa­tion of the NT Insti­tute of Sport.

We also acknowl­edge the NT Depart­ment of Busi­ness for a Com­mu­ni­ty Ben­e­fit Funds Grant in June 2015 for portable sports tiles to com­plete our 6th court.

Enter­tain­ment Books

Enter­tain­ment Books have great dis­counts at shops, cafes, restau­rants and busi­ness­es in the NT. A win-win sit­u­a­tion for the busi­ness, the pur­chas­er and Bad­minton NT as they receive 20% of the pur­chase price. Go to https://​www​.enter​tain​ment​.com​.au to find out more details.

Rebel Sports

Rebel Sports Offer 5% back to NT Bad­minton on all mem­ber purchases

Our Friends and Partners

Depart­ment of Sport and Recreation

Depart­ment of Business

The NTBA Inc works with the NT Gov­ern­ment to access applic­a­ble sup­port from the NT Grants and Com­mu­ni­ty Sup­port Direc­to­ry .