Notice Board

What’s Hap­pen­ing

Mem­ber­ship Fees - Mem­ber­ship fees were due at the end of Octo­ber for those mem­bers who received the COVID-19 exten­sion. Mem­bers are encour­aged to pay their mem­ber­ships through their play­ing group.

COVID-19 Plans — 

With the open­ing of the bor­ders over the next few months, more peo­ple will be trav­el­ling to or through the NT so it is still very impor­tant to con­tin­ue with safe hygiene prac­tices when we play bad­minton at any time and any venue through­out the NT.

The drink fridge has been refilled at the Dar­win venue for those who need cold drinks. Please use hand sani­tis­er before and after touch­ing the drinks and mon­ey to keep every­one safe.

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