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City of Darwin Junior Championships - Court Schedule

The championships start at 9:00AM sharp! All competitors should be present at the hall by 8:30AM to ensure that they are ready to play at 9:00AM. The court schedule is here. The schedule is subject to change so please note that if you are 20 minutes late for your scheduled match, you will forfeit!

Save Our Sport!

Badminton in the Northern Territory is currently facing a major challenge, one that has the potential to set the sport back decades and stop our growth and national participation in it's tracks. The main Darwin playing facility is due to be closed with no replacement offered.


Save Our Sport

The NT Badminton Association Inc.

The NTBA is the peak body for badminton in the Northern Territory.
It is affiliated with Badminton Australia and is responsible for the promotion and development of the sport in the Northern Territory.
At the core of our mission, the NTBA:

  • promotes badminton in the NT;
  • host regional and international competitions;
  • organises coaching to develop the skills of our members;
  • supports players in their representation of the NT at interstate and international tournaments.

Where can I play in Darwin?

Please click on a link below to show detailed club and contact information.

Darwin Badminton Club - MAP
Wednesday Night Club - MAP

00118 Sports House
Waratah Crescent, Fannie Bay

Where can I play in Alice Springs?

TBA - Currently under change

Where can I play in Palmerston?

Palmerston YMCA Badminton Club - MAP

Palmerston Recreation Centre

Junior Clinics

Darwin - MAP
Palmerston - MAP

promoting badminton in the NT



The 2013 NT Open Tournament will be played at the Fannie Bay Hall on 27/07/2013.


The NTBA wishes to remind everybody that membership is due. Please speak to your playing club to ensure you are registered or to take out a membership.


The 2012 NT Open Tournament will be played at the Fannie Bay Hall on 08/09/2012. It has been pushed back to avoid players clashing with the Ede Clendinnen Shield.

Tournaments and Events

When detailed information is available about an event, the name will become a link.

Local Events

City Of Darwin Junior Championships 2013
NTBA NT Open 2014
Alice Springs Masters Games 2014

National and Interstate Events

City of Brisbane Championships 2014
Ede Clendinnen Shield Nationals 2014
CP Maddern Trophy u19 Nationals 2014
June Bevan Trophy u17 Nationals 2014
Val Nesbitt Trophy u15 Nationals 2014

Past Event Results

CP Maddern Trophy u19 2012

Contact Details

PO Box 4413 Darwin NT 0801

or email us:


Become a member of the NT Badminton Association!
To become a member of the NTBA you must register through your club.
Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • sports injury insurance whilst playing at a club or NTBA sanctioned event
  • discounts when playing
  • eligibility to represent the NT in national and international competitions
  • voting rights at general and special meetings

2013 NTBA Committee

President – Rodney Pearce
Secretary – Alan Thorpe (PYBC)
Treasurer – Fiona Dunbar-Smith
Committee – Russell Williams (DBC)
Committee – Saidina Pawero
Committee – Aimee Mullins
Committee – William Ponsonby

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