Dar­win Comes Out of Lock­down but not for Badminton. 

Lock­down con­tin­ues for indoor sports until 12pm on 26th August 2021. Bad­minton can­not be played at our indoor venue but can be played out­doors using the new air bad­minton” shut­tles. Check out the inter­net videos on this new form of badminton.

Air Bad­minton

Mem­ber­ship to Bad­minton­NT and NT Bad­minton Association

Play­ers become a mem­ber of both Bad­minton­NT and NT Bad­minton Asso­ci­a­tion when they pay their reg­is­tra­tion fee. 

Play­ers who have not paid the 2021 — 2022 fees with­in 14 days of their mem­ber­ship expir­ing are removed from the mem­ber­ship list and trans­ferred to the non-mem­ber list, thus los­ing all mem­ber­ship discounts. 

Please check with your play­ing group if you are a cur­rent mem­ber or a non-member.


For the lat­est infor­ma­tion: coro​n​avirus​.nt​.gov​.au

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Welcome to the Northern Territory Badminton Association, the peak body for the sport of Badminton in the NT.

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The NTBA strives to admin­is­ter and pro­mote the sport of bad­minton in a fair and con­struc­tive man­ner for all par­tic­i­pants, and will do all in its pow­er to pre­vent sit­u­a­tions that result in griev­ances and dis­putes. How­ev­er, these sit­u­a­tions will inevitably occur, and when they do, please refer to the NTBA Griev­ance Pol­i­cy 2019.